IV. Supportive Community

Supportive Community

Learning Objective: Developing safe communities of honesty and grace that support the healing path.


Sexual wholeness cannot be successfully maintained in isolation. Therefore, the fourth corner of our growth is a supportive community that encourages and reminds us of the other three corners. All of us need both peers as well as mentors to be a part of our supportive community.

The form each of our supportive communities takes will be different based on how the previously mentioned corners relate to our struggle, but it will be a community of truth and grace that reminds us of the Gospel. Specifically, it will remind us of the seriousness of our sin, the radical acceptance and unconditional love of Christ, the new identity we have in Christ, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to bring about change. In some cases, we may need to seek professional counseling or a focused support group to be a part of our community as well.

Form an Accountability group. Traditional “accountability groups” haven’t always been helpful. We know. Try this guide to help you achieve healthier, more complete accountability. Live together, die alone.
Installing R|TRIBE on a mobile device can be a powerful tool in staying in touch with an accountability group. It’s an app that allows you to stay connected to your friends and help each other live with integrity, track any struggles or addictions, and learn what it takes to find and maintain freedom through community.
Use these Supportive Community Discussion Questions to help facilitate accountability times.

For more resources, check out our Small Groups Resources Page.

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