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Four Corners of Sexual Wholeness: A framework for moving from sexual brokenness to wholeness.

As followers of Jesus, growing in our faith involves submitting every area of our life, including our sexuality, increasingly under the Lordship of Christ.  Sexuality is an aspect of God’s design for all people, created for our good and for His glory, and, like every other area of our lives, has been distorted by sin.

In sexuality, as in all other areas of our lives, the goal of a follower of Christ is to strive toward Christ-likeness (2 Cor 3:18), not just to manage our behavior. This happens as we surrender our hearts and behavior to God, through Christ’s transforming power.

A person pursuing sexual wholeness intentionally seeks to reflect God’s design for sexuality in four distinct yet connected aspects: by developing biblical convictions about sex; through increased self-awareness; with intentional practices; and in a supportive community.

We call these four areas the Four Corners of Sexual Wholeness.

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