Christ's Transforming Power

Christ’s Transforming Power

Learning Objective: Our relationship with Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit offers restoration and renews our potential for authentic sexuality.


While growing in Biblical convictions, addressing the wounds in our lives, developing healthy habits and having supportive community are all essential building blocks, the transforming power of God alone produces purity that will last.

Our journey towards sexual wholeness will be one of applying grace and truth, over time​,​ ​in the power of the Holy Spirit, to our lives. ​ It will be an environment where we are in intimate relationship with Jesus. It is ​the ​Holy ​Spirit​, our Counselor, ​that gives us the power that no human resolve can achieve. ​God alone changes us!

Read and discuss this Gospel Centered Transformation article about how we need God’s help to change.

Check out the Thirsty Devotional and Thirsty Small Group Guide! Topics covered include: Who is the Holy Spirit? What does it look like to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit? And, how does the Spirit help me walk with God?

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